Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Welcome to the first post of the new House of Alisha blog. If you haven't seen my store I'd love to see you there.

House of Alisha is one of the largest suppliers of period gowns in Second Life with a large proportion of our gowns being based upon real ones I have either studied or sometimes made in RL. Unique to us are our special skirts which include a 'click on the skirt' AO with elegant poses and walks, scripts to prevent skirts flying up when walking, and sitting scripts to avoid showing bare legs when sitting down. Some dresses also include specially scripted trains which follow the contours of the ground and can even wrap around your legs just like in RL - though I haven't added the usual next RL step of you tripping on it and ending in a heap on the floor.

I can also produce custom gowns for wedding or other occasions. Please contact me regarding these.

I've included photos above and below of my top product, a gown originaly worn in RL by Tsarina Alexandra, and will add new releases here as they are released.

Unlike some designers I love to chat with my clients so please feel free to IM me in-world if I am online.

Best regards

Alisha Ultsch